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For Over 45 Years, Central Illinois’ Most Trusted Basement De-Watering, Crawlspace Waterproofing, and Basement Wall Stabilization Contractor

We’ve been drying out basements in the Greater Peoria, Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois areas, ensuring safety and security to your residential and commercial properties, for more than 45 years. Past customers know that we are trustworthy and use our services because of the years of experience we have had in the industry. We’re family-owned and knowledgeable in the services we provide & the products we use in order to bring you high-quality customer service and take care of your needs. We’re here to help fix your basement and crawlspace because we care about your family and home.


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Here’s What Our Customers Think

Bob F.
“I have been working with BDWS for over 7 years. As a Realtor and representing multiple projects, imperative that we have a professional service and guaranteed system installation. Doryan is an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. Very reasonable in pricing and the work is again guaranteed. I highly recommend their services.”
Rob R.
“Basement De-Watering Systems has done a wonderful job of waterproofing our basement projects over the years. As an owner of multiple properties, if there are ever any questions or issues, BDWS has always stepped up to resolve any matters or answer any questions. Bottom Line; Their Systems Work!”
Stephanie O.
“The team at Basement De-Watering Systems was exceptionally responsive and friendly. They did not try to quote unnecessary work and were able to respond in a very timely manner. Thanks to them for their help!”

Since 1976, BDWS Offers the Most Innovative, State-of-the-Art Waterproofing Solutions. Proven techniques that ensure owner’s documented success.

Depending on the severity of the issue, we’ll determine how extensive a particular issue is based on the structure and decide the very best, cost-effective system to de-watering your basement, waterproof your crawlspace, or stabilize your basement wall. For remodeling projects, please contact us so we can evaluate your situation before you begin your project to avoid costly delays or future remediation needs.

Whether you need our BDWS Interior Baseboard Channel system, a sump pump, battery or water-powered back-up pumps, sump pump alarms, wall stabilization, or a whole home dehumidifier, we have just the solution to combat the issue right at the source.

Our Service Areas

In addition to serving over 26 counties in central & west central Illinois, we have authorized, licensed & certified dealers in 40 states across the U.S. We’re ready to help you repair and restore foundations, make sure drains are tightly sealed, and keep crawlspaces dry and secure. We love serving our great state of Illinois and across the country to bring you satisfactory service you can count on from services and products you can trust.

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