Droughts Bring Cruel Results on Basements & Crawlspaces

by | Aug 11, 2021 | General

Could This Drought Affect Your Structure?

Most of Greater Central Illinois is in either a Moderate or Severe Drought. Little do the majority of home owners with basements and crawlspaces realize, that their sub-structures have been placed in double jeopardy.

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But how you ask? Quite simply due to the expansion and contraction of the very dry soil surrounding your dwelling. This is caused by the immense lack of moisture in the soil, coupled with the soil’s continual movement. Which could easily result in structural cracks resulting in excessive water seepage.

Just like when ice expands water, droughts decrease the moisture in the soil and reduce the soil composition to being almost dust like. This is easily understood when you see the soil pulling away from concrete blocks or poured walls surrounding your home. In many instances you can actually see the ‘dry soil gap’.

Once that soil pulls away, the structure starts experiencing even further stress on the concrete foundation, floors and walls. Add in the normal soil movement from the earth’s constant strain, and you have further structural stress that can produce cracks in multiple locations of your basement or crawlspace.

Cracks Don’t Lie

You say so what? Well, this pressurization on your structure compromises the ability for your walls, floors and foundations to support the tremendous loads on your basement or crawlspace. The resulting cracks in-turn allow evident entrance to future water seepage. Visualize a dam that has a hole and you understand our example. A substructure with cracks is a water seepage problem just waiting to happen. All the paint in the world, will not decrease the risk.

Please know, water always takes the pathway of least resistance. Additionally, water can find that unnatural hole in the ground, commonly called a basement or crawlspace. Combine say an inch or two of rainfall in a very short period of time, and you can have your very own wading pool in your basement or crawlspace.

Experience Knows

This is not conjecture. After Basement De-Watering System’s four-plus decades of experience and several thousand basement & crawlspace inspections, we know the situations and results. The homeowner is devastated by water seepage – right along with whatever possessions might be near the water.

Should you find yourself in any of these situations, rest assured there is a permanent and affordable remedy to your problem(s). Basement De-Watering Systems has seen and reasonably corrected it all. Professionally trained personnel and proven systems to address every foreseeable problem.

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Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc., strongly advises all home and business owners to verity the experience level and known credentials of any company that you might desire to proceed in correcting water seepage and structural issues on your structure. Rest assured with BDWS we bring over forty years of experience and a resounding success rate in pleasing our customers with affordable remedies.

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