Keeping Spring Showers Outside: Basement Waterproofing Basics

by | May 21, 2019 | Basement Waterproofing

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring wet basements. By adding a few simple chores to spring cleaning checklists, homeowners can prevent the hassle that accompanies leaks.

Basement waterproofing basics

Test Sump Pumps

For those who have sump pumps, it’s especially crucial to prepare, as homes that require them may experience flooding issues surrounding the drain field during a heavy downpour. This may cause the water to flow back into the plumbing system, overflowing toilets and drains. The easiest way to test a sump pump before major spring rain is to empty a large bucket of water into it to simulate the effect of a storm and make sure it responds accordingly. If it doesn’t kick on, professional services should be called right away.

Examine the Foundation

Once the snow has melted and warmer temperatures move in, homeowners should take a close look at the foundation of their home to check for cracks and crevices that could allow water to seep into the basement. While these issues should be addressed permanently as soon as possible, an application of caulk or cement can stabilize it for short-term basement waterproofing.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

When leaves, dirt, and other debris accumulate in gutters, water is unable to flow through them as it should. In heavy rain, the water will then overflow onto surfaces near the home instead of entering downspouts and being directed away from the foundation. Pooling or excess water can then enter vulnerable areas of the home, causing basement flooding. Routine cleaning is the easiest method of prevention.

Clear Debris From Window Wells

Window wells collect debris just as gutters do, but their drainage system is different. Removing leaves, sticks, and other materials should be sufficient, but if homeowners find that the wells are accumulating water, they can install a drainage pipe or clear plastic domes over the wells to resolve the issue.

Now that spring sunshine has finally made its way to the Bloomington-Normal, IL area after a long, cold winter, prioritizing basement waterproofing can help homeowners in Central and West Central Illinois avoid the extra work and spend more time enjoying the weather. Contact Basement De-Watering Systems, Inc. today at (309) 647-2223 to schedule a basement or crawlspace assessment.