Trusted Real Time Info On The Coronavirus

by | Mar 24, 2020 | General

Trusted Real Time Info On The Coronavirus

People Perish for Lack of Knowledge. Our intent in this brief Basement De-Watering System Blog is to direct you to pertinent information on the Coronavirus that is in real time. Probably one of the best sites for up-to-date mapping of this Worldwide Pandemic is the John Hopkins University Site below. Truly a Real Time Glimpse of Actual Accounting of the Virus Worldwide.

Visit the John Hopkins Real Time Coronavirus Mapping Site Here.

Discover Precise Information Coronavirus Information from HelpPro1

HelpPro1 is BDWS’s sister company. Along with our other sister company, Spoon River Pest Control, we have collectively been serving the Central and West Central Illinois areas for over Forty Years. Being locally owned and operated family orientated businesses, to say we take this current Coronavirus Pandemic personal would be an understatement.

HelpPro1 is actually one of the very few Professionally Trained, Certified and Authorized Companies in Central and West Central Illinois capable of applying EPA and CDC Approved Virucides to eliminate the Coronavirus in businesses, facilities, factories, nursing homes, apartments and homes.  The HelpPro1 Teams are the people in the white haz mat suits.  They know their business and are required to train annually for continued certifcation. Rest assured, in dealing with mold, smoke residue, fungicides and viral containment, they know what to do.

In turn, we believe that these Trusted Links from our sister company HelpPro1 will assist you in staying informed and educated with the latest information available for our state and country. In the preceding days we have seen many like us trying to understand exactly how this virus can and will affect us. Those answers truly are for the professionals. HelpPro1’s Blog will assist you in discovering your answers or help you find the resources you need. You can reach HelppPro1’s Coronavirus Blog Here.

Posturing to Assist Our Customers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Like you, our staff, business and family’s routines seem to be changing daily. What was allowed yesterday is now taboo. What we were told we could do; we no longer can do. The evolution of the ‘War on The Coronavirus‘ is at best challenging.

Thankfully, Basement De-Watering Systems has been classified by the State of Illinois as an essential business. In short, we are fully able and willing to address any issues you might have with your home or business that pertain to our waterproofing services and products. Inclusive of any service calls that might be needed. Yes, we can do in-home free estimates to determine your structures precise needs including basement wall stabilization and crawl space inspections. Sump-pump inspections and repairs are also no problem. Just give us a call.

For Further Assistance and Concerns with the Coronavirus
To date, our immediate BDWS 15 county service area has in fact very few cases of the virus at this writing. The “Shelter in Place” mandate from the Governor seems to be working and reducing the amount of infections. BDWS would like to remind our patrons that Pandemic does not equate to death. The Coronavirus has infected many in the United States, but very few have suffered death from it. So be cautious. Follow the suggestive procedures you will find in the HelpPro1 Coronavirus Blog.

Be safe. These times require caution and the correct information needed to handle household situations at hand. Be sure to share with your loved ones, neighbors and friends any information pertaining to this virus that they might need.

HelpPro1 can be reached at 844.435.7776.